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My colleague at Electronic Arts Canada introduced me to some very interesting information concerning the economy, energy, and environment some time ago, click here to visit the site. It goes into detail the patterns that we humans, our government, and global and financial industry have concerning our use of energy, the effect on our environment, the management of our economy, and the potential impact of great concern that comes with it.

I highly recommend everyone who is concerned with any of the previously mentioned topics to check out the ‘“Crash Course”, click here to go directly to it‘. A collection of 20 short video clips totaling around 2.5 hours, and is offered for free on the website which explains the situation in a very efficient manner.

Learning is a life-long process, and I strongly encourage people to learn about things that are important in their life. Whether it be money/finance/business, health/nutrition/fitness, or your desired profession/hobby/philosophy. Why not learn as much as you can? You only got a short amount of time on this planet, make it count!

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