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2012 January Portfolio Reel Up

I just updated a portfolio reel with some of my Maya videos of my personal projects over the years (the ones I ended up video capturing), it’ll be on the main page by default, and as I continue to add more videos, it’ll be updated as well.

Character Rig With Expression Deformation

Got some more videos and scripts up:

The raw character skeleton with Expression powered joint deformations:

In depth character control rig demonstration.

Character posed using control rig, and further rig demonstration:

The Python script/tool made to zero out the controls:

This character mesh is weighted with only Expression based joint deformers, and to a max of 4 joints per vertex. The animations can be then exported to game engines of all types, like Unreal, Unity, etc. If your engine doesn’t support dynamic joint deformations, you can always just key/bake them out.

Check out the newly organized Python and MEL pages here and here respectively for more info and to see the scripts.

2012 New Year Updates!

Mostly organization, grouping the MEL/Expression stuff together, and added some new videos on a hand auto-rig created using Python. I’ll be adding more to the Python section soon!

More to come soon, like getting a new image viewer setup going…


UPDATE: Image viewer is now working properly! That was long overdue…

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