I’ve recently started some new 3D work for use with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) to keep my skills in check, and express some creative juices.

Here are some screen grabs of a character I modeled in Maya with some minor Zbrush enhancement, I’m calling it an orc for now.

I’m going to develop more efficient, effective, and advanced rigging features after insuring that it imports into Unreal OK.

Update: Couldn’t get UDK to install correctly, I spent more than my fair share of hours over a few days, multiple downloads, error checking, and testing to finally be satisfied. The latest May Beta still errors out & auto shuts down on startup of the Editor, however, the March and April packages work well enough. By the way, asset integration is a success, yay!

Also, I will be working on a tutorial that will show some of the do’s and don’ts about skeleton asset integration, among other videos of my progress, so stay tuned!