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Scott Xiong Portfolio is Online!

Howdy everyone,

My portfolio has been added since updating the site from to Click here to access it. Best viewed with Firefox.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2010!

Scott Xiong

Happiness and Health – My Secret to Losing Fat, Getting Abs, Eating Great, and Having More Strength and Energy – Part Three

Thanks for being patient. I know it has been awhile, and now, what you’ve all been waiting for!

Continuing from Part 2, the final part of the Happiness and Health series!

Increasing my conscious awareness (and education) about nutrition, healthy eating, and how our food is processed became a powerful tool to activate the tremendous subliminal power of my unconsciousness. Giant corporations are well aware of that power, that’s why they spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year in marketing and advertising to get you to eat, and eat more (obesity epidemic anyone?).

Why not utilize that power for my own well being? Being aware, and well informed can really help in the development and health of my own awareness in defense of the marketing propaganda out there.

You can apply the same methodology to body mass awareness, by constantly weighing myself everyday after a shower, I become much more consciously, and more specifically, unconsciously aware of my body mass. I leverage the power of subliminal mind control on myself to make quicker, and better decisions when deciding to eat something that might affect my body mass.

Can you believe that eating pork for breakfast was only introduced during this past century? Similarly with diamond engagement rings, it is only recently in the past century that we’ve adopted these supposed “life long” traditions (those guys did an excellent job by the way).

I commit myself to health research, and condition my body to recognize and remember the health issues that are a concern for my body, and it eventually becomes second nature, not to mention a whole lot easier, to refuse, and accept certain types of food products. Keeping myself in top mental and health condition is a benefit all in its’ own.

Remember, don’t go off jumping bridges because I say so, I think it is important to eat foods that you love; for instance, I love meat (chicken, pork, beef, seafood = yummy), and a fast food burger tastes as good as it always has, I’m just not a fan of the aftereffects, or the level of processing that’s involved (watch the Food Inc. documentary).

Throughout your life, you will have conditioned your body to love, and hate certain foods, your body will react positively, or negatively, based on those emotions and thoughts. If you force yourself to eat spinach, you are basically sending signals to your body to reject it. Stay fulfilled, eat stuff you love. Of course, I hope you don’t expect that a diet of fast-food burgers, milkshakes, or deep-fried onion rings are going to give you a cover model body.

We can condition ourselves to increase our food palette, we can choose to love, or hate. It is a choice, our choice. I mean, we humans have been eating for thousands of years, and mostly vegetables too, so I’m sure there are at least several recipes out there than can interest even the most stubborn “meat-tarian”. I for one have taken a liking to learning new vegetarian recipes, with the increase in plant sterol count and nutrition, health benefits are pretty much a given.

Sleep, we spend a third of our lives doing it (supposedly)… it must be pretty important. I did my best to grab 8-10 hours of sleep a night minimum.

Alright, so let’s say we will live until the age of 75, that’s 25 years we are recommended to spend sleeping. If eating is how we grow, and training is what we grow, then sleeping is when we grow. The same thing can be said about any positive change we want our body to go through. Taking a 20-30+ minute nap during the day is great for relieving drowsiness and back pain, increasing alertness, energy, and heightening awareness and intelligence.

Investing in a good night’s rest might be in our better interest, because doing your fitness work, and health research can only get you so far. Sometimes, it’s worth it to take a rest.

If I find myself digging a hole, the first step I take to getting out is to stop digging!

Yes, it takes some level of discipline, and yes, it can be difficult at times, if it was easy, would we really be able to appreciate it? Would we be able to truly value it? I know I am very happy with my results.

So there you have it. My experience, my results, my rant. How accurate is my information? Like I said before, that responsibility is yours, and yours alone. Now go get educated, become aware, lose some fat, get some abs, eat some good food, and go be happy and healthy while you’re at it. Evaluate yourself regularly, and then in a few months, really take a good look at yourself (just be cautious of the possibility of increase in excess skin/stretch marks due to the sudden loss of weight).

Click here to view a very interesting, and powerful movie trailer for one of the best filmed documentaries today on our current situation on the food industry (American, but it affects Canadians too).

As for me, it’s time to hit the gym. I’m gonna try and make up some of that mass back… in muscle!
(maybe I should write another article series on that… hmmm)


Happiness and Health – My Secret to Losing Fat, Getting Abs, Eating Great, and Having More Strength and Energy Part 1, Part 2 is now!

Hi Everyone,

I just finished transferring my domain to my new registrar and hosting account, and as you may have noticed, is now What does this mean? Well, instead of having 2 separate sites for people to jump around, I decided it would be easier, and better for people to find everything on one site.

WordPress is such a godsend, I mean, it makes updating my website so much easier than it used to be, and it has so many cool features and tools… *sniff, I’m so happy…

Anyways, what this also means is that I need to incorporate my portfolio works into this site now, so please bare with me as I make those changes.

You can click here to view my portfolio works.

Take it ease!

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