I am happy to know that one of my favourite websites, click here to check it out, is running smoothly. DocumentaryWire.com has been up for several months now, however, for a good deal of time, starting late last year, it was down. With the amount of information that the site hosted, I wouldn’t be surprised if certain parties had taken an interest to insure that it be removed. Of course, I can only see this happening if there was some kind of important event that might have been happening during that time, and that the site might possibly affect a certain outcome. I just have no idea.

The site hosts a number documentaries. So when I want to watch a documentary, that’s where I go.

For starters who might not know what to look for, I highly recommend checking out the documentary that is usually featured when you enter the site, it’s always worth a view, and a great place to start.

The production of such a film always intrigues me, because there seems to be a lot evidence gathering, and it’s interesting to see where the filmmaker, or filmmakers get their sources. It may be an independent film, a decent sized film production, or a full blown out video production like BBC’s Planet Earth series, which requires a bigger production company. Sometimes, you may find the odd film made for television production that you may have just glanced at while watching TV, and possibly could not catch the rest of it in time, you never know. Give it a try!

documentarywire front page
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