Borderlands 2 Wimoweh Trailer

Check out the new Borderlands 2 Trailer that I got the privilege to work on with the Gearbox crew in Texas:


REORC Vector Beltway Character Rigs

Check out the Gallery page for new videos on the joint-skeleton expression rigs used for Vector and Beltway in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

More to come!

Gen Gen Rig and Run Videos

Uploaded some videos on the Gen Gen Rig, and Run animation cycle (with mesh/skeleton/rig passes) used in the UDK prototype. I forgot to show the head tilt controls, oh well. I’m still using the placeholder texture.

Going to be spending the next little bit of time transferring the core mechanics over to Unity and give that a shot. Will be busting my behind to get a working prototype up.

Check out the Gen Gen project page for all the latest updates.

Gen Gen Model Rig Pass

Below are screen captures of Gen Gen during various stages of production. The original 2D design had him with a much larger head with less facial features. Changes were later made to the proportions.

The model poly count would be optimized even further from 782 tris to 486 tris. UV’s were remapped, and I’m using a placeholder texture. The current version of the rig is optimized, minimalist, and fairly robust for various ranges of motion and animations.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Official Launch

Here`s the launch trailer, get your copy and experience a side of the Raccoon City arc never told before!

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