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OpenCanvas Digital Painting with Scott Xiong – Nemean

OK, I woke up this morning and was inspired do some digital painting with OpenCanvas on my computer, and of course, using a tablet. My tablet is an older Intuos2, works like a charm, and I don’t have any intention of getting a new one unless this one breaks. Together, it feels like painting on an open canvas… sorta.

I purchased the program several years ago, it’s inexpensive, incredibly small (under 10 mb), easy to follow user interface, and has some great features, like ‘Automatic Event Recording’ which records your actions as you go so that you can play and view the entire progress of your work of art, like a movie. Unfortunately, the parent company ‘PortalGraphics’ no longer supports English for the program, or on their website, you can click here to see for yourself, more information about OpenCanvas can be found on their Wikipedia page, click here. The last English version I believe is some form of OpenCanvas 4.5, I have version 4.509E Plus. It will be impossible to get a legitimate english version OpenCanvas serial, so you may have to download OpenCanvas, and settle for a crack or patch (it is known that patched versions have problems of some sort, don’t know, since mine’s legit). I’m pretty sure you can find an Open Canvas download quite easily though.

Anyways, I had originally planned to do some fan art of either anime or video game characters, however, I found myself browsing through my old sketches instead. I found a bunch of old incomplete sketches and decided to finish some up. After going through most of them, I realized that many would never be completed, and that’s OK with me. I did however, find an old sketch of my ‘Nemean’ monster, whom I eventually made into a fully rigged low poly 3D model (by today’s standards of low poly), click here to go to my website and check it out. I liked the pose, so I decided to just touch it up and finish it.

nemean – The Place to Watch Free Documentaries Online, and Your Documentary Production, Viewing Source!

I am happy to know that one of my favourite websites, click here to check it out, is running smoothly. has been up for several months now, however, for a good deal of time, starting late last year, it was down. With the amount of information that the site hosted, I wouldn’t be surprised if certain parties had taken an interest to insure that it be removed. Of course, I can only see this happening if there was some kind of important event that might have been happening during that time, and that the site might possibly affect a certain outcome. I just have no idea.

The site hosts a number documentaries. So when I want to watch a documentary, that’s where I go.

For starters who might not know what to look for, I highly recommend checking out the documentary that is usually featured when you enter the site, it’s always worth a view, and a great place to start.

The production of such a film always intrigues me, because there seems to be a lot evidence gathering, and it’s interesting to see where the filmmaker, or filmmakers get their sources. It may be an independent film, a decent sized film production, or a full blown out video production like BBC’s Planet Earth series, which requires a bigger production company. Sometimes, you may find the odd film made for television production that you may have just glanced at while watching TV, and possibly could not catch the rest of it in time, you never know. Give it a try!

documentarywire front page

Educate Yourself on the Three “E’s”: Economy, Energy, and Environment – an Entertaining Experience!

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My colleague at Electronic Arts Canada introduced me to some very interesting information concerning the economy, energy, and environment some time ago, click here to visit the site. It goes into detail the patterns that we humans, our government, and global and financial industry have concerning our use of energy, the effect on our environment, the management of our economy, and the potential impact of great concern that comes with it.

I highly recommend everyone who is concerned with any of the previously mentioned topics to check out the ‘“Crash Course”, click here to go directly to it‘. A collection of 20 short video clips totaling around 2.5 hours, and is offered for free on the website which explains the situation in a very efficient manner.

Learning is a life-long process, and I strongly encourage people to learn about things that are important in their life. Whether it be money/finance/business, health/nutrition/fitness, or your desired profession/hobby/philosophy. Why not learn as much as you can? You only got a short amount of time on this planet, make it count!

Happiness and Health – My Secret to Losing Fat, Getting Abs, Eating Great, and Having More Strength and Energy – Part One

This will be a three part article about my experience on achieving health and happiness, losing fat, getting abs, and having more strength and energy.

You might hear people say things like, “I have health issues, I can’t lose weight, I am not happy with who I am, what I do, where I live, I have no energy...” and the like. Now, not to shortchange anybody or doubt them, I just think that life is what you make of it. When playing poker, you don’t get to decide the cards you are dealt. Why not try to enjoy yourself? It’s your choice if you want to put money down, you are accountable for that choice, and that’s it.

We can all use some help every once in a while, timely information, and maybe a little health research about nutrition health can be priceless.

Long story short, I managed to cut 15 lbs in about 2 months, this was back in May/June. I then lost an additional 5 lbs over the next month, and now through August, I have maintained that loss. It may seem like a little, or a lot, it depends on your perspective. Being 170cm in height, or 5’7″, I have a slim, muscular, and well defined build. I feel great, and full of energy; the physical, mental and health aspects are fantastic. I did not even go to the gym once (which really frustrated a lot of my peers).

My secret? Sex, eating well, and a lot of sleep. Sex covers the majority of the happiness part of it, and it burns a lot of calories. An absolutely excellent form of physical exercise (that’s probably why I didn’t need to go to the gym). Health-wise, allow me to define the latter of those requirements in greater detail, you might even be able to gain something from my experience. I don’t claim to be a health professional, nutritionist, or even a health guru. I am just a guy, who is taking responsibility for his health, and sharing my experience, findings, and maybe rant for a bit.

The health of our body is our responsibility, regardless of what physical ailments, or advantages we have. It is imperative that we educate ourselves on a matter of things for better health, and most importantly, a better life.

How? My Plan: Generally, eat a lot of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, preferably local, especially organic, non Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), consuming a decent amount of whole grains, cut out meat products except for fish, eliminate refined sugars/sweeteners, eat small meals several times a day, take some dietary supplements, drink plenty of water, and get lots of sleep. Also, I wanted to avoid mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal, eat vegetables with every meal, and only eat fruit on its own, as a like snack. As for fat, I just made sure to eat the least amount of saturated, and specifically high in trans-fat foods as possible. In terms of gym exercise or weight training, I had to cease it in order to not skew the results.

What Actually Happened: I was surprised to find a mix of achievements and failures of staying consistently disciplined on the plan. I did not eat nearly as much vegetables that I wanted, kinda sad actually… and when I did get the chance, they were mostly flash frozen vegetables (most likely imported/GMO too). It was more difficult than I thought to consistently incorporate fresh, locally produced vegetables into my diet. I was fairly consistent with my bowl of rolled oats every morning for breakfast, and eating small meals several times daily. Eating mainly fish was not a problem for me, I did however, a few meals every week, eat foods containing beef, chicken, or pork (no complaints). I did an excellent job of avoiding refined sugars and low calorie sweeteners. No glucose fructose, no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), no Sucralose, and definitely no Aspartame (I like my soda pop, but I kept that to a minimum, like once a week, and only natural cane sugar soda). I did manage to stay well hydrated with lots of filtered tap water, and got lots of sleep too. The plan ended up doing pretty well for my development and health.

What does this mean? My conclusion came not by eating great exactly (as you can see), but rather by not eating poorly. Since I did not eat a lot of vegetables, I can’t say I owe it to the veggies. Basically, not eating as much meats, avoiding the refined sugars, staying well hydrated, and getting lots of sleep were the key factors for my results. Did the supplements help? I can’t say for certain, I would like to think so. I definitely wasn’t getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals from what I was eating on my own, so I imagine that the social and health aspects of it were worth it.

For work and health! No risk, no reward! (Sorta)

As to how I came to this plan and why I made the choices that I did, that will be in Part Two. See you soon!

Happiness and Health – My Secret to Losing Fat, Getting Abs, Eating Great, and Having More Strength and Energy Part 2, Part 3

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Scott Xiong here, and welcome to SX Life!

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