OK, I woke up this morning and was inspired do some digital painting with OpenCanvas on my computer, and of course, using a tablet. My tablet is an older Intuos2, works like a charm, and I don’t have any intention of getting a new one unless this one breaks. Together, it feels like painting on an open canvas… sorta.

I purchased the program several years ago, it’s inexpensive, incredibly small (under 10 mb), easy to follow user interface, and has some great features, like ‘Automatic Event Recording’ which records your actions as you go so that you can play and view the entire progress of your work of art, like a movie. Unfortunately, the parent company ‘PortalGraphics’ no longer supports English for the program, or on their website, you can click here to see for yourself, more information about OpenCanvas can be found on their Wikipedia page, click here. The last English version I believe is some form of OpenCanvas 4.5, I have version 4.509E Plus. It will be impossible to get a legitimate english version OpenCanvas serial, so you may have to download OpenCanvas, and settle for a crack or patch (it is known that patched versions have problems of some sort, don’t know, since mine’s legit). I’m pretty sure you can find an Open Canvas download quite easily though.

Anyways, I had originally planned to do some fan art of either anime or video game characters, however, I found myself browsing through my old sketches instead. I found a bunch of old incomplete sketches and decided to finish some up. After going through most of them, I realized that many would never be completed, and that’s OK with me. I did however, find an old sketch of my ‘Nemean’ monster, whom I eventually made into a fully rigged low poly 3D model (by today’s standards of low poly), click here to go to my website and check it out. I liked the pose, so I decided to just touch it up and finish it.

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